Statement of Joseph Lentini

Even the IDF officers on duty that day in 1967 now say they had identified the U.S.S. Liberty prior to the attack.

They have said this publicly on U.S. National TV and have also indicated that, contrary to the original official Israeli statement that the ship flew no flag, they thought we were "flying false colors." It may take some time, but eventually the truth is exposed. In recent times it has been the Israeli government itself that has verified what we survivors have said all along!

To all those folks who were not there that day, who have not carefully studied the facts as they are recorded by both sides, I suggest that if they doubt the attack was planned and carried out deliberately, they should research U.S. Naval records, official pictures, and information available from the State of Israel. This is not, nor has it ever been, a religious issue. The issues revolve around the politics of an ally who, when it was perceived to be in its best interest, attacked and killed U.S. Navy men. They revolve around the politics of the U.S. which kept a President from allowing a military response to come to our aid/comfort/protection. Finally, they revolve around the U.S. politics which kept our President then from presenting the Medal of Honor to our Captain and a more recent George Bush from even meeting with survivors while we were visiting the White House.

Notice please that there is nothing anti-religion in any of those statements. Liberty survivors were wronged by Israelis whose religion happens to be Jewish and U.S. politicians who were guided by monetary political issues. Nothing more - nothing less.

Perhaps the recent tragedy in Israel will help those who try to claim that what did happen could not have happened, accept that the IDF in 1967 did whatever it felt was necessary to accomplish its goals. Israelis are still living in the lands taken during that "war," lands that might not have been taken had the U.S.S. Liberty remained untouched on station!

The historical facts are there - please read them prior to making any claims that Israel was innocent. I was there! It was no accident! I can only hope and pray that what happened to me and my shipmates never has to happen again, especially not at the hands of an "ally!"